We have challenging news, and good news. But before we get to all that, let’s state the obvious – as a business owner, partner or CEO, you’re average work-day is likely already full. Very full. You’re running your business which means you are constantly interacting with your employees, managing systems, providing products or services to customers, reviewing revenue and expenses, and responding to surprises, both internal or external. You’re as busy as you can be. Maybe business is going OK, maybe not, but without a doubt – it’s going. Now back to the challenging and good news – let’s cover the good news first!

Good News

If your day to day routine looks the same as our CEO above (and we bet it does), congratulations – at least you are actively engaging in 5 of The 12 Practices(tm) necessary to run your business.

Customer Service

Challenging News

Many owners and CEO’s who engage in these 5 Practices in reality are actually just barely keeping up. When we speak to business owners and CEO’s, many initially rate themselves around a 7 out of 10 in regards to how well they are performing in each of these critical 5 business management practice areas. Once we sit down and help them identify (1) their approaches, (2) accurately evaluate their level of execution of those approaches and (3) what’s actually possible, they normally re-rate themselves as a 4 or 5 out of 10 in many of the areas, sometimes even lower. We’ve seen it over and over again, and we know how to transform scores from 4’s and 5’s to true 7’s and 8’s and 9’s. How? By hyper-accelerating those approaches with 12 PracticesTM principles. You can and must transform:

Communicating to Out-Communicating (Practice 4, Communication)
Systems to Out-Leveraging (Practice 12, Systems)
Sales to Out-Selling (Practice 9, Sales)
Customer Service to Out-Delivering (Practice 10, Customer Experience)
Money to Out-Growing (Practice 11, Money)

Now for the even more challenging news. There are 6 other critical Practices you likely are not focused on at all, or at least not very much or effectively. Without them you simply can’t take your business to the next level. In fact, not leveraging the other 6 Practices puts you at a competitive disadvantage. You will also be hyper-accelerating the growth of your business by including these practices along with those you are already engaged in.

Out-Branding (Practice 1, Branding)
Out-Strategizing (Practice 2, Strategy)
Out-Leading (Practice 3, Leadership)
Out-Performing (Practice 5, Team)
Out-Creating (Practice 6, Value Creation)
Out-Messaging (Practice 7, Advantage Story)
Out-Marketing (Practice 8, Marketing)


Best News: Leverage ALL of The 12 PracticeTM

When you fully learn, practice, embody and master The 12 PracticesTM (how each of them work, and how they work together and how to apply them effectively), you’ll grow your business easier, healthier and faster. When you begin to see the links between The 12 PracticesTM and can seamlessly integrate them in real-time, you’ll begin to experience the magic of this new and revolutionary approach. It works. Every time.

Meet with a 36ixty Business Consultant certified in the 12 Practices Management Model today and find out how you can transform your business starting now, by fully learning, practicing, embodying and mastering The 12 PracticesTM Management System for yourself, your team and your business. We’ve helped business owners and CEO’s at all levels become more successful – and we can help you too.