Authors: Rick Justus and Monique Justus (of 36ixty Group), Tom Ziglar, Dr. Allan Colman and others…

“Why do some people seem to be more influential, more impactful and more profitable than others?” asks Bryan Heathman, publisher of Crazy Impact. The answer is simple – the great leaders we hear about over and over again who left an indelible mark on science, business, art, culture, or society all operated way outside of the agreed upon conventions, ideas, approaches and philosophies and challenged the status quo. How? They shared big ideas and big dreams, unleashed their passion and using their communication skills to ignite a fire in others and enrolled people into their vision – and then led the charge! That’s Crazy Impact(tm). Don’t you want to be a Crazy Impact CEO?

Crazy Impact, a book of essay’s on how leaders can learn to become Crazy Impact CEO’s, spearheaded by Rick Justus of 36ixty Group, is chalk full of helpful stories, models, ideas and proven approaches that make a difference.

You’ll learn about Clarity, Courage and Commitment (36ixty Group’s C3 Method).

Monique Martin takes you through 36ixty’s concept of Legacy Branding, one of their 12 Practicestm. She explains that everyone, (especially CEOs) should be developing their own personal brand. To do so requires you to M.A.P., which consists of 3 steps:

  1. M – Message Right – Discover and develop the one thing you are best at
  2. A – Amplify Your Message – If your dream is authentic, be a shameless self promoter
  3. P – Persevere – Quit doing the wrong stuff, stick with the right stuff and close every back door

You’ll agree with Zig Ziglar regarding employee engagement being a key to your company creating Crazy Impact and “Insanely Great Products” as Steve Jobs would put it.

You’ll be inspired by Maureen Kures stories and examples of how creating incredible customer experiences creates raving customers who will talk about your product, service and company to everyone they meet.

You’ll learn the wisdom of Dr. Allan Colman’s 6 Laws of Exceptional Leadership:

  1. Leaders Listen
  2. Leaders Make Decisions
  3. Leaders Communicate Decisions
  4. Leaders Hold People Accountable for Results
  5. Leaders Take Risks
  6. Leaders Leave a Legacy

Darlene Bundage makes a powerful case for engendering a light, lively and fun environment to work at. A company culture that allows for, appreciates and encourages humor has lower turnover rates, and higher creativity, productivity and profits.

These are just a few of the concepts in a handful of various essays included within Crazy Impact – there are many more essays with other valuable insights. So if you want even more strategies, ideas, concepts and guidelines to help you become the next Crazy Impact(tm) CEO, business owner, leader, manager, employee, artist, musician, politician – whatever it is you dream to become – get a copy of Crazy Impact today.

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